Beauty Collagen Drink

Beauty Drink Series

Beauty Drink Series:

Collagen Drink, Slimming Drink, Beauty Drink, Whitening Drink, Placenta Beauty Drink, & Other.

Features Product

Collagen Beauty Drink

Collagen Beauty Drink

Ingredients: Marine Collagen, Yeast extract, Vitamin C, Tremella fuciformis.

  • Collagen is a key to build matrix proteins which gives our skin its structure, firmness and elasticity as well reenergized the cells from being unhealthy.
  • Collagen Beauty Drink intake will enhance body’s collagen reproduction, slow the aging mechanism, reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, equalize oil-water level in the skin and gradually lighten the skin tone.
Collagen Beauty Drink

Bird Nest Beauty Drink

Ingredients: Infused with hydrolysed bird’s nest, chicken cartilage and fermented yeast extract.

  • Bird’s Nest is traditionally known as a beauty food to maintain youthfulness and enhance the complexion of the skin’s natural glow on the face and entire body, including the back, hands and legs.
  • Bird’s Nest has high glycoprotein content, growth factors and a neutral energetic property, which help boost a weak immune system.
Whitening Beauty Drink

Whitening Beauty Drink

Ingredients: Bird’s nest, Fish collagen, Agave syrup, Royal jelly & 100% natural.

  • Bird’s nest, fish collagen and royal jelly contains the highest volume of Sialic Acid glycosylation that promotes cell regeneration and makes your skin whiten.
  • The Whitening Beauty Drink with combination of all ingredient works effectively to enhance our skin cell with maximum rate of absorption to gradually lighten the skin tone for whole body.

Quick Details

  • Type: Beauty Drink
  • Shelf Life: 18-24 months
  • Form: Liquid
  • Feature Content: Acne Treatment / Anti-Aging / Anti-Wrinkle / Firming / Lightening / Moisturizer / Nourishing / Skin Revitalizer
  • Formulation: 100% Custom Formulation
  • Certification: GMP / FDA / HALAL & others

Packaging Detail

We do provide several types of packaging for powdered product such as:

  • Sachet
    • Sachet types and sizes can be customized upon clients' preferences.
    • We do provide aluminium plain foil (gold/silver)
    • Printed sachet
    • Sachets type can be in stick or 3 sides seals.
  • Pouches
    • Plain pouches with stickers on it.
    • Any customized pouches
  • Bottles, bag, bulk (Please contact us for more details)

Quality Control

Our Stringent Quality Management System is applied from the very upstream of obtaining of safe and quality raw materials, quality functional ingredients to the very downstream of production. Each product will have complete quality assurance & control to ensure quality and safety.

Type of Products

OEM / Private Label Beverages

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